Tesla being repaired in auto body shop


Ace Tech Auto is the premier Tesla-Certified auto body shop of Los Angeles. As one of the largest collision centers servicing Tesla vehicles, our technicians and mechanics are Certified specialists trusted by Tesla drivers everywhere.
Being Tesla Certified means we provide auto services that you won’t find at uncertified body shops.
Only Tesla Approved and Certified shops have access to Tesla specialty tools and equipment to specifically work on Tesla vehicles. While uncertified shops cannot purchase Tesla parts, only Certified shops like ours have access to Tesla parts and service portals to handle collision repairs.

Models We Service

With the full range of Tesla specialty tools in our body shop, Ace Tech Auto specializes in complete auto exterior, structural, interior, mechanical, and paint repairs for your Tesla vehicle.
We service, maintain, repair, paint, and update all Tesla vehicles of all generations including:

Model S

Model X

Model 3


Model Y

We take exceptional pride to be one of the few Tesla-certified auto center in Greater Los Angeles capable of working on the Roadster.
Tesla models we service at our body shop

Tesla Certification Process

Not all body shops are alike. Ace Tech Auto is proud to have distinguished itself by becoming an official Tesla Approved service center since February, 2018.


To achieve this status, auto body shops must submit a completed Tesla Approved Body Shop onboarding questionnaire and wait to be contacted by Tesla’s onboarding team. Once contacted, they must:

Sign and return the Non-Disclosure Agreement

Sign and return the GTC

Pay the program registration & training fee

Purchase all the required Tesla tooling

Complete Tesla provided training

Pass a site validation demonstrating ownership of all required tooling and equipment listed in the Tesla tooling list

Receive Electronic Parts Catalog access

Begin having work referred from Tesla!

Estimators and technicians handling Tesla vehicles are required to complete all Tesla training modules. At Ace Tech Auto, all our technicians are trained according to Tesla’s requirements

Our Tesla Approved Body Shop and Repair Center

Ace Tech Auto has every specialty tool and equipment needed to service your Tesla vehicle. These include:


  • Company: Car-O-Liner
  • Bench with EVO 1 2 3 & Vision
  • MS & MX base fixtures
  • MX Spine and Hatch Fixture Kit


  • Gesipa Taurus 4 Pneumatic Rivet Gun
  • ATS Air Hydraulic Riveter (1/4″)


  • Rear Subframe Fixture
  • Subframe Front
  • Powertrain Scissor Lift
  • Tool Subframe Jig, Model S / X


  • Ride Height Adjustment Tool
  • Microstop Counter Sink Kit
  • HV Battery Manual Lift Table
  • Ethernet (TDS) Cable
  • 4-way CAN breakout
  • 6-way breakout – Model X
  • Gridconnect USB to CAN adaptor
  • EPB Tool Harness
  • Adapter EPB Release Harness
  • EPT Tool Control Module
  • MS Badge Set Fixture
  • MS Ludicrous Battery Badge Fixture
  • MS Single Motor Batter Badge Fixture
  • MS Dual Motor Batter Badge Fixture
  • MX Battery Badge Fixture
  • MX Ludicrous Badge Fixture
  • MX Badge Fixture
  • MS T Badge Locator
  • MX T Badge Locator
  • MX Charge Port Door Alignment Tool
  • Spoiler Alignment Jig, LT Side
  • Spoiler Alignment Jig, RT Side
  • Battery Alignment Rods
  • Model S Coolant Rapid Mate Cover
  • Tesla Xpress 800 Complete Kit
  • Tesla SPR Kit for Xpress 800 Kit
  • Tesla SPR Kit for non-Tesla Xpress 800s
  • Tesla Xpress upgrade kit


  • Millermatic 350P
  • CMI273 Duo Pulse MIG/MAG Welder
  • Multi-MIG 621


  • Cover Safety, HV Rapid, Model S
  • Cover, Safety, LV Rapid, MDLS
  • Dummy Plug
  • Pyrotechnic Battery Disconnect
  • Asy, Switch, Pyrotech, COD. B Ret
  • Axle Extractor
  • Chargeport Alignment Tool
  • Model X Wheel Nut Removal Tool
  • Camera Windshield Calibrating Stand
  • Starrett NO. 134 Bubble Level
  • T Handle 3.5mm driver
  • Radar bracket adjustment
  • Drive unit dual motor cardle – NA
  • Dual Motor Shim Set
  • Model X Windshield Lift – NA
  • MS refresh license plate bolt socket
  • MS Door handle alignment kit
  • E18 Torx Low profile Socket
  • Wing and Stanchion Alignment MX
  • Rapid Splitter
  • Nitrogen Fill Tank Adapter
  • Nitrogen Fill Fitting, MX
  • Nitrogen Regulator, NA
  • Force Gauge
  • Drive Assembly Lifting Sling, MDLS
  • SDU Sling Assembly, NA


  • Mobile Connector – US
  • Mobile Connector – Canada
MS MX BASE Fixtures
X Press 800 1
Resistance Spot Welder
Tesla Tools 1
X Press 800 4
Alum Dent Repair Hammer
Tesla Charger Connector
Alum Dent Repair system
Tesla Model 3 tooling 2
X Press 800 3
Alum Dust Vacuum Extractor
ATS Air Hydr Riveter
CAR O LINER Fixtures Clamps
Q42 Bench 098
X Press 800 2
Vision 1
Aluminum Repair Room 3


Do you provide Battery Service (Replacements)?

We only handle auto-collision related services, unless the battery was damaged during an accident we cannot replace batteries.

Can I purchase software upgrades through you? (Autopilot Upgrades)

You should be able to purchase these upgrades through the app or at a Tesla service center. Again, we only handle auto-collision related services.

If I have an Extended Service Agreement or Tesla Maintenance Service Plan, do you cover these?

No, unfortunately anything not related to an auto accident is not covered by the extended service agreement or Tesla maintenance plan.

Do you provide Software/Firmware Update Service?

In the event your car does not receive an OTA update, please call the Tesla customer support number.

My Tesla is experiencing software bugs in the main control panel, do you provide assistance with this?

Again, we only handle auto-collision related services. Please call the Tesla support number to be directed to their software customer support center.

I received a recall notice, do you provide services for these recalls?

Unfortunately we don’t provide recall services, please call Tesla customer support or the number found in the recall notice letter to find out more information.

Can I purchase Tesla key fobs / key cards through you?

Unfortunately new keys and key cards must be registered and programmed at Tesla service centers.

Can you install the Tesla Aero Wheel Cap Kit / Automatic Garage Door RF Upgrade?

No. Unfortunately, for those parts you must order directly from Tesla’s online shop.

Does my car require an annual maintenance service?

Yes. Although electric drive trains don’t need as much maintenance as it’s traditional gasoline counterpart, we still recommend a yearly maintenance to ensure everything is running smoothly. 

Will my maintenance or repair coverage under your warranty be affected if I use your services?

No. Because we are Tesla certified and approved, we can service and or update any part without affecting any factory warranty or repair service plan.

I have an original Tesla Roadster (2008-2012), do you provide services or parts for this model?

Yes. We take pride in being one of the very few body shops in California that is able to service the original model roadster.

We’re the ones to trust with your Tesla