“Excellent Work Done By Ace Tech . Staff was very friendly. My Tesla came back like new. Definitely Recommend them and for Tesla owner’s . You will be in Good Hands.”

Kareem Grimes
– (Los Angeles, CA)

“I must tell you the crew at AceTech is the best. They have kept me and the client totally informed at all times. They called me every other day to give me status. They know this is one of my favorite clients and she needs to be taken care of. I have no problem referring every client in an accident to them. I feel they have gone above and beyond the call of duty. They have even tried to get Farmers to understand that this car was not a total loss. We sure need more services like AceTech to make all our lives a little easier and less stressful. Thanks for looking into this for me. I appreciate it.”

Tina A. Warne – (Peter Kohly Insurance Agency, Inc)

“I’ve been here 2 times. The first time was a few years ago. I was a passenger of an auto accident (Toyota). I didn’t deal with them as much then since I wasn’t the driver. But everything went absolutely smoothly for the driver. I remembered their great service and logged them in my phone for future use. Just yesterday, my car was broken into. They smashed the passenger window with a brick. I have a BMW. I remembered AceTech and that they also specialize in BMWs. I called and spoke to Heras Ra. He was so helpful and answered all my questions. I was so distraught with my car getting broken into, but just talking to him made me feel better. I went in immediately and got the estimate. He took care of everything quickly and was very clear and friendly. He gave me options and was very understanding. The service here is great! They will listen to you and will not rip you off. They do a superb job on repairs and will make sure you go home happy. They specialize in all types of vehicles, too. They’re reps and mechanics all know what they’re doing. They have a friendly staff and the facility is nice. They also have a rental service on site. They will even drive you to and from work, if needed. Its just a great place to take you car and feel comfortable! When something happens to your car, you want to go somewhere you trust. Check out AceTech. They’re really great.”

Carol L. – (Los Angeles, CA)

“THE BEST AUTO BODY SHOP in LA. I was so, so impressed with the service I received at AceTech after some idiot in Venice side-swiped my Prius. Heras is the absolute best, and I got the car back a day before they told me it would be due. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

M Z. – (Los Angeles, CA)

“QUICK & EASY! Unfortunately a hobo box cuttered the hood of my boyfriend’s new BMW (that’s DTLA for you). Went through insurance who recommended this place. Drop off: Came on a Monday after work. Little wait time. Two men assisted us. Both very nice and extremely helpful. Explained the process as simple as possible and answered all our questions. My boyfriend asked for pricing for door dents, which he had a few on the sides of his car. One of the guys actually suggested a mobile repair guy that could do it faster and cheaper. 5 stars for the honesty! Said they’d call us when the car was done. My boyfriend asked for an estimated timeframe and the guy said realistically we’re looking at Thursday, latest Friday. Pick up: Thursday came around and the car was done! Got the call in the morning and picked it up after work. They did a great job!”

Linda C. – (Los Angeles, CA)

“After an accident, there were some insurance complications, and it turns out my car couldn’t be covered. I needed to pay it out of pocket, but I was going to go to court to plead my case against the other party. If you’re involved in an accident and you’re going to go to court, you need to have three estimates from different locations. I went and got four estimates. AceTech was the lowest and also, quite frankly, the friendliest. They talked me through in detail each step of the process. The staff: I worked with a guy named JB. He’s the guy to go with. All the staff seems great, but from personal experience, this guy was awesome. He gave me honest answers and up to date progress on the car. The service: Because this was a pretty significant rear end, a lot needed to be replaced. They did a flawless job. From the replacement of the frame to the paint job, it was top notch. The costs: Estimates are always inaccurate, hence, estimates. The cost was a bit higher than the estimate, but JB did get me some discounts here an there. I did pay quite a lot, but I had a feeling that it would’ve been a lot worse at other places. When it comes to body shops, the trust factor goes a long way. I trust AceTech for all my repairs.”

Daniel Joonmo P. – (Los Angeles, CA)

“Alright, alright I’ll admit it: I wrecked my brand new car. Honestly I blame LA and all the weird parking I have to do. So yes, I hit my neighbor’s car while backing into my more than compact parking spot. At any rate I had to get it fixed and this place works with my insurance. They were amazing. Honestly. They didn’t make me wait, they were quick, and they ended up being less than they quoted. What kind of auto body shop is cheaper than you expected??? Thank AceTech for making a somewhat stressful and annoying time so easy and manageable! Highly recommend!”

Madison B. – (Los Angeles, CA)

“About my car: 1990 BMW 325i. About me: I don’t want frills. I just want consistent quality, and solid expertise at a competitive price. I will keep going back if the service is professional and pleasant. My repair history: King’s Brake and Tire, Beverly Hills BMW, Stuttgart Automotive (would not recommend), and Check Point Automotive (great!). About Ace Tech Collision: (Note: This review is based within the context of resolving a car accident claim with Geico Insurance. Not simply a walk-in. The repair was a simple front bumper replacement.) 1. The Ace Tech team and shop was really professional and organized. 2. My Ace Tech rep, Heras, was on-point with updates on when my car would be completed and ready for pick-up. Great communicator. 3. It was especially great handling my Geico claim there because everything you needed was at one location: (1) Ace Tech for repairs, (2) Geico rep to approve everything and do paperwork, (3) Enterprise for the car rental. Their desks literally neighbored each other.”

Sandwich C. – (Los Angeles, CA)

“I have the worst luck when it comes to driving. Anywhere from random flats in the suburbs to getting t-boned by a grandma in a SUV, I’ve been through it all. I live around 40 minutes away from AceTech, however I heard good things about it so I decided to give it a shot. My Lexus IS 250 that was t-boned by an SUV had its whole chassis bent across the middle. They had my car for no more than a week and a half just as they had told me prior to fixing it, and to my convenience I was able to rent a car right at AceTech. Oh and they have your car cleaned up real nice when you pick it up.”

Harrison C. – (Los Angeles, CA)

“I was referred here by my insurance company after hitting a tire on the freeway. Since I had never heard of the place I did what I always do when going to a business for the first time- I looked them up on Yelp! Because of some of the bad reviews I decided I would get my insurance estimate for my claim and have the work done elsewhere. However, from the moment I arrived the staff members were extremely friendly and very communicative about the whole process, which made me change my mind and I’m very glad I did. The auto body work they did was excellent and they even have a lifetime warranty for their work. Another plus was that they kept me updated on the status of my car while it was at the shop. Only negative- It took over an hour for my Enterprise rental car to arrive. But this wasn’t Ace Tech’s fault; In fact, the employees at Ace Tech apologized for the wait multiple times. I even received a phone call the next day from the onsite insurance rep saying that he noticed I had to wait a long time for the rental car, and apologized for this inconvenience. Short story: Impressive customer service and great car work. I’m not sure why some people gave them such bad reviews, but I would definitely give them a chance and see it for yourself.”

Rosy M. – (Los Angeles, CA)

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