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What is I-Car Gold Class and why is it important in Auto Repair Shops?

Dedicated Gold Class Professionals have the knowledge and understanding to effectively communicate and work with one another when repairing your vehicle. They know when parts can be repaired, or when they need to be replaced. This helps to eliminate surprises when the repair bill comes, and it leads to less hassle for you! Gold Class Professionals are dedicated to training their employees on the latest collision repair technology to help achieve a safe and complete repair.

The Gold Class sign helps you to feel confident about your choice in collision repair.

Today’s vehicles are extremely complex. Signs of training, like the Gold Class Professionals symbol, are important to look for when selecting a collision repair facility.


If your vehicle is not repaired correctly, it may not look or drive the way it did before the collision. Or worse, it may not protect you and your family the way it was designed to if you are involved in a future collision.


Ace-Tech Collision Center is proud to be a Direct Repair facility for most major insurance companies and a Tesla certified auto body shop.


Being a Direct Repair Facility means we are selected by the insurance companies upon passing a rigorous qualifications-checklist for all aspects of the business (Which include: proper licenses, permits, insurances, shop tools/equipment, training certifications, experienced technicians, longevity and reputation of the shop).


By going through the Direct Repair Program at Ace Tech Collision, the claims and repair process is streamlined as the duties of inspecting and approving vehicle repairs, typically handled by insurance adjusters, are performed in-house. Our insurance company affiliates have entrusted us with executing such duties in order to expedite the repair process all the while upholding the highest quality of repairs.


Furthermore, the workmanship performed on all vehicles is guaranteed for a lifetime by both Ace-Tech and our insurance company affiliates.

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Ace Tech Collision Center makes sure auto repairs are done with precision and on time.  We are the best equipped & largest facility conveniently located in the heart of Los Angeles with over 50,000 sq ft of space.

P.S. our work will be guaranteed for the rest of your life.
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