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Visit our shop before you need it. First impressions count and during your first visit to our collision center in Los Angeles, you can look around and see how our shops conduct business. Look for a neat, well-maintained collision facility. Look for certificates, decals, and placards that indicate advanced collision repair training by national organizations such as I-CAR. These indicate professionalism and a solid connection with the community. Ace Tech has all of these.
Come see what our shop is repairing and compare. See what other shops are working on in the repair bays and what’s parked out back. If you see few newer cars but notice a lot of beaters being worked on, it is often an indication that the shop does “quick and dirty” repair jobs at lowball prices. Ace Tech makes high quality long lasting repairs. We even have a lifetime warranty on our repairs!*
Ask us about your vehicle. Ask our body shop Pasadena manager if they have a lot of experience repairing your make and model vehicle. Body shops often specialize on a particular type of vehicle or body repair. Ace Tech is certified in many brands of cars and our technicians have received direct training from the brands themselves like Lexus, BMW, and Tesla.
Price isn’t everything. In the collision repair business, it is common for a different shop to give dramatically different repair prices for the same job. Choosing a shop simply by picking the one that offers the lowest price is not always the best policy. We offer the best collision repair Culver City drivers have come to expect. If you get a repair quote significantly cheaper from one shop, ask the estimator to explain why the quote is so inexpensive before you leave your vehicle.
Ask about equipment. Performing a quality repair job on today’s vehicles requires the use of some pretty sophisticated equipment. Ask if the shop has a unibody frame repair machine and measuring equipment, MIG welders, a dust-free paint room, and personnel trained in the latest repair techniques. Ace Tech has the top-of-the-line machinery to repair your car.

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